Looking for a rewarding volunteer opportunity? Gifts of time and talent make an enormous impact and joining a committee is a great way to use your expertise to benefit a deserving organization while learning more about the mission of Wildwood.

Committee Opportunities:

Wildwood offers opportunities to join committees and lend expertise by invitation.

Capital Region Flower & Garden Expo:

The Capital District Garden & Flower Show is a spring time tradition that started over 30 years ago by Wildwood Programs. In 1987 a group of dedicated staff and volunteers created a community based fundraising event that provided opportunities for the individuals we support to participate in while raising important funds. During the modest beginning, there were just five landscape exhibits, a handful of vendors and several generous sponsors. Though small at first with just 4,500 visitors, it was the start of something very important for Wildwood and this region. A portion of each ticket sold at the show benefits Wildwood.

Interested in volunteering at the Flower and Garden Expo in the future? 

Call Pennie Gonzalez at 518.631.2288

Group Volunteer Opportunities:

Does your business or organization have annual volunteer days? This is a fun and meaningful way to engage your employees and give back to the community. Group projects are based on availability and limited to 20 people maximum.

To Inquire About Group Volunteer Opportunities Please Contact Amy Leisenfelder:

 Aleisenfelder@wildwoodprograms.org or 518.836.2320

Teach Adult Education:

Do you love helping others grow in their education? Have a skill you would be interested in teaching others? Or looking for a potential internship in education? Then Wildwood’s Adult Ed Program maybe the perfect fit for you. This program offers numerous courses ranging from GED classes to cooking classes and everything in between.

If you see a class you think you may be interested in teaching or if you have a skill you think would be great if shared with others, please contact us today!

To Inquire About Adult Education Volunteer Opportunities Please Contact Quill Nooney:

QNooney@wildwoodprograms.org or 518.640.3352


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