Home and Housing




Individualized Residential Alternatives

We support individuals with all levels of disability and are designed to provide individuals with the highest quality supports while providing the feeling that where they live is truly a home.  A partnership is established between Wildwood staff and families to insure quality supports in the residences.

Supportive Apartments 

Home Supports staff provide support to people in houses, apartment units, and apartment buildings throughout the Capital District.  These individuals do not receive 24-hour supervision, but have staff visitation and 24-hour access to staff.


Community Habilitation

Provides individual support for both children and adults who are either living at home with their families or living independently in their own residences.  Staff work closely with the consumer, family, and Medicaid Service Coordinator to develop an individual plan and to determine the number of hours needed to address the goals outlined in the plan.  Services can occur in the home or in the individual’s community.
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