The 2023 Young Adult Program graduation was held on June 25th at the Italian American Community Center. Eighteen graduates received their diplomas and celebrated all of their amazing accomplishments.

    This year's graduating class was dedicated to helping their community by volunteering at multiple locations such as Meals on Wheels, the Homeless and Travelers Aid Society and cleaning up the Albany Pinebush. By working alongside community members, our students developed new skills, built social connections and  fostered a more inclusive relationship within the community.

    Looking towards the future, quite a few of our graduates have been accepted into Wildwood’s own Day Hab program, while others plan to explore day hab options a bit closer to home within their community. Some graduates even look to use their volunteer skills to attain a job! 

    Graduation ceremonies foster a sense of pride, accomplishment, and belonging among individuals who may have faced unique challenges. Let us celebrate their milestones, honoring the journeys they have undertaken and the bright futures that lie ahead. Congratulations to the Wildwood School Class of 2023!

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