Joining  together two organizations brings with it many challenges. Like the rest of the organization, our primary focus was to ensure that there would be no interruption of our supports and services. In departments that do direct support, you can witness this process but in our department, so much of our efforts are behind the scenes and can be easily overlooked.

    It was, of course, essential to make sure that the payroll systems were brought together so that our dedicated staff could receive their hard-earned wages.That involved changing systems, setting up accounts, writing code, and keeping everything in order. It was  a fast and furious time and, in many ways, still is, but I'm very proud of the work that was done and the successful outcome from all our efforts.

    In addition to the payroll project, we are coordinating Medicaid billing, merging banks, consolidating pension plans, and establishing a consistent documentation system. The devil is in the details, as they say, and we are going about all of this with painstaking deliberation to insure consistency, minimizing error, and to streamline processes wherever we can.

    Our IT  department has been tasked with on boarding the ALG computer infrastructure, email programs, and digital systems. ALG also utilized a contracted service to oversee their platforms so integrating all of that was a heavy lift for our technology department. Consolidating websites, social media accounts, and integrating their infrastructure havs been and, continue to be, a challenge we have been ready for.

    The hard-working Facilities Department has taken on everything that goes along with acquiring new residences, offices and workspaces. The department has strategically approached the work by designing systems to cover what has become a much larger organization. I'm very proud of the work they've done.

    All-in-all, with a lot of hard work from our dedicated staff, the merger has come together with only the expected challenges. It is an ongoing process and I am happy to report that we are pleased with how everything has come together.

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