Do you ever run into stressful situations when it comes to social skills, your relationships, or even sex and sexuality? Maybe in your own life, or trying to figure out how to help someone you care about? 

    And did you know Wildwood Programs plans an entire day every year of free workshops and classes, designed to try to help you with all those kinds of problems? Indeed: It’s time for Wildwood’s 3rd Annual Online Conference on Social Relationships, Sexuality and Disability, coming up in just a few weeks on Wednesday, November 16th, 2022. The programs that day are especially designed for young adult individuals with I/DD, their parents, and any professionals who support them (Care Managers, DSPs, Comm Hab workers, etc.)!

    Every year we have a theme, and this year it’s: “Empowering Myself in Times of Change.” Why this theme this year?

    Well, in general, I think it’s true that, perhaps, the only constant in life is change. How much change have you & your loved ones gone through the last couple of years, whether you wanted it or not? We get lots demanded of us in life related to change: our bodies grow and develop; we face transitions, like our children entering legal adulthood and all that could mean; we must adapt to challenges right now, like pandemics; currently too, we must decide how we feel in the face of –sometimes unexpected—social and political change. Not to mention climate change? I mean, right? There’s been a lot of unusual change, on top of the usual life stuff!

    We picked this year’s theme to check in, provide support and help folks! How ARE you doing with all you’ve got on your change plate? 

    Because, even if you’re happy about some changes, if you find you sometimes feel overwhelmed, anxious, worried, scared to face it, angry or helpless, that’s perfectly normal too! You’re not alone! We want to take a day to remember as a community: it’s okay to feel all kinds of things right now. We’ll do our best to provide you with what information we have, and teach you what tools we know, to help you adapt, cope and succeed.

    What sort of help can you specifically expect to find this year? We’re still building our final schedule, but so far, I’m excited to announce programs like our “Self-Care Showcase”: attendees will learn about several less-talked-about healing arts, like reiki, acupuncture and meditation. Everyone will learn one technique from each discipline that they can do on their own, any time they need it! 

    We’ll also be sure to look at civic empowerment, coping with natural changes, like puberty, and emotional changes in the family when a young person enters adulthood. We’ll incorporate art projects, music, and a fun lunchtime trivia contest! Speakers will include guests from Planned Parenthood, Elevatus Training, Living Resources, and more. It promises to be a fun, informative, and indeed, potentially empowering day.

    To register for this free event, head here:

     And no need to come all day – we’ll send around the final schedule in a few weeks; come for what events appeal! Any questions? Feel free to email me, Kate Napolitano, at Wishing you well with all the changes in your life right now – and hope we get to see you there!

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