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Wildwood School Announcements



Beginning November 29th and ending December 11th in the hall outside the Cafeteria

The online fair continues until December 14th

Wildwood School's Adapted Physical Education Pages Now Available
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WILDWOODstock is an annual benefit concert and silent auction held at The Parting Glass in Saratoga NY for Wildwood Programs.
This year's WILDWOODstock raised over $10,000 for the students at Wildwood School.
Wildwood Programs provides comprehensive services for children and adults with autism spectrum disorders, complex learning disabilities and other developmental disabilities.
WILDWOODstock Poster

Parting Glass Pub, 40 Lake Ave., Saratoga, NY
This was the 5th Annual Benefit Concert and Auction for Wildwood Programs and featured music by:
Olivia Quillio
Holly & Evan
Brian Gibney Band
Erin Harkes Band
Beth Zaje
The City Never Sleeps
Rob Skane 3

WILDWOODstock 2012 took place on Sunday May 6th from Noon until 9 pm at The Parting Glass Pub in Saratoga Springs, NY

Special thanks to the bands who volunteered their time and to our Corporate Sponsor: The Gazette and our Media Sponsor: CRUMBS



Price Chopper Tools For Schools Program
For the past several years, we have been participating in the Price Chopper's Tools for School Program and have received hundreds of dollars worth of equipment and supplies for our school. Points are earned for schools each time an enrolled Advantage Card is used at Price Chopper and these points are redeemed for equipment and supplies. We have recently been notified that any Advantage Card enrolled prior to August of 2010 must be re-enrolled in order for schools to earn credit points for the 2011-2012 school year. You may enroll or re-enroll you Advantage Card online at for schools.   Cards that were registered after August 1, 2010 do not need to re-enroll. We sincerely appreciate your participation in this program in order that we may continue to receive the equipment and supplies for our students.

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About Us

Wildwood Programs was created in 1967 when a group of parents found that their children did not fit neatly into existing programs. What began as a program for a handful of pre-schoolers has grown into an organization that provides comprehensive supports and services to well over 1,000 people and their families every year.


Who We Support

From the child struggling in school with a complex learning disability; to the adolescent with autism trying to navigate his or her social world; to the adult with a developmental disability; to the family doing everything they can to support their child with a disability, Wildwood Programs helps people grow.

Rather than developing programs based on labels or diagnoses, Wildwood has developed supports and services based on each person’s characteristics, likes, dislikes and unique personality. Wildwood partners with families and offers supports and services that are individualized and tailored in a comprehensive way for each person.