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Halloween Tips From Autism Speaks

Here are some tips that Autism Speaks is circulating for Halloween:

  • "Last year I practiced trick or treating with my son in the days leading up to Halloween. He would knock on the door to the bedroom, I would open it, and he would say "trick or treat!" Then I would give him a little toy or candy to put in his bag." - Holly
  • "The most important thing is do what is fun for your child and don't be too hard on yourself if a meltdown happens anyway." - Kari
  • "One good idea (if you're close with your neighbors) is telling a few neighbors ahead of time to provide something specific for when the child comes to the door as an alternative in case they don't like candy (in either a flyer or maybe meeting with them in person) a toy or pretzels or something. The parent of the child can bring it to the neighbors to give out to the child with autism so that they don't feel different or left out if they don't eat candy." - Nicole
  • "Jackson doesn’t like the feel of most costumes, so for the past few years, he just wears a funny Halloween t-shirt. He is still being festive, without being uncomfortable. We also print out a card like this and tape it to his treat bucket so when he is unable to respond to questions or say trick or treat and the home owner can be more understanding. Spreading autism awareness AND getting candy – that’s a win-win for us!" - J-Jaye
  • "My son is 15 yrs old, and he is finally enjoying Halloween. Every year was a struggle, he never liked the costumes and we never went trick or treating. This year he is asking to wear his costume, even though it is the same one from last year, I don’t care!" - Denise
  • "I make my little dude's costume out of a sweat pants & a hoodie- we've done a parrot & the stay puff marshmallow man, and working on the Incredible Hulk for this year:) He looks cute, and is warm & comfy." - Kemrie
  • "Don't feel like you have to do it! If the child is not enjoying it don't feel obligated to participate because every other kid loves it. It is ok." - Peggy




2016 Walk a Huge Success!

The 2016 Walk for Wildwood was a resounding success and welcomed just over 600 guests to our new event location at Cook Park in Colonie! Thank you to our presenting sponsor, for the fourth straight year, Thrivent Financial!

The 2016 Walk for Wildwood raised over $80,000

We had 50 teams of walkers, 32 sponsors and 117 fundraisers! The community fair had representatives from Blue Shield Healthy Zone Cruiser Colonie Police Department, Wildwood Veggie Van,Wildwood Day Hab, Pet Therapy and the Workforce Readiness Initiative. Mother Nature gifted us with a beautiful, if just a little chilly, Saturday and a good time was had by all!


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